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Frequent orthodontic problems

Orthodontic problems:

Crowded teeth: A disharmony between tooth-size and jaw- size can result in crowded, irregular teeth. Crowded teeth can look unattractive and can be more difficult to clean.

Sometimes it is necessary to extract teeth in order to provide sufficient space for the teeth to be aligned in a stable and harmonious position within the jaws and the face.

Spaced teeth: Spaces can result from a disharmony between tooth-size and jaw-size or by abnormal tongue thrust activity.

Spaces between the teeth can look unattractive and can interfere with speech.

Abnormal tongue activity must be eliminated; otherwise the spacing is likely to recur.

Protruded teeth result when the position of the upper jaw is forward of the lower jaw.

In severe cases, the lower lip may position behind the upper front teeth and push them further forward accentuating the disharmony.

In severe cases, especially if growth is complete, jaw surgery might be required to correct the jaw disharmony.

Under-bite: When the lower jaw is forward in relation to the upper jaw, the lower front teeth protrude beyond the upper teeth and an "under-bite" result.

An under bite can be unattractive and can cause uneven wear of the front teeth and jaw joint problems.

Deep bite: The upper and/or lower anterior teeth can over erupt leading to a deep bite. In severe cases, the upper teeth can cover the lower teeth completely.

A deep bite can cause excessive wear of the front teeth and can damage the gum behind the upper front teeth.

Deep bites can exert excessive strain on the jaw joint resulting in temporomandibular joint disorders.

Open-bite: An open-bite exists when opposing teeth don't meet.

An open-bite can cause eating problems and excessive wear of those teeth which do make contact. An open-bite can be unattractive and can be associated with speech problems.

Open-bites are often caused by abnormal tongue habits. Although the open-bite can be closed with braces, if the abnormal tongue habit remains uncorrected, the open bite is likely to recur.

Sucking the thumb (or fingers) can produce a localised deformation of the teeth and supporting bone. This problem looks like an open bite.

Posterior Cross-bite: If the upper jaw is too narrow, the lower jaw usually swings to one side to allow the back teeth to mesh. Posterior cross-bite result and can cause uneven wear of the teeth and can place extra strain on the jaw joint resulting in temporomandibular joint problems.

Orthodontic treatment involves the use of a fixed or removable appliance to widen the upper jaw (maxillary expansion RPE).

Once the upper jaw has been widened, the lower jaw can close normally.

Missing teeth: Missing teeth can be unattractive. Opposing and adjacent teeth can drift into the space to create further problems.

Orthodontic treatment involves moving all teeth into correct position and creating proper space to facilitate replacement of the missing teeth.

Impacted teeth: Impacted teeth don't have sufficient space to erupt.

Orthodontic treatment involves creating space to allow the impacted tooth to erupt.

Ectopic teeth: Ectopic teeth are teeth which develop in the wrong position. In most cases, an ectopic tooth can be repositioned with braces.

In more severe cases, the ectopic tooth is surgically exposed and braces are used to move it into its correct position.

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