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Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums. It's usually caused by poor dental hygiene where plaque builds up at the place where the gums and teeth meet, irritating the gums. Other things increase the risk is:

  • pregnancy
  • uncontrolled diabetes
  • smoking
  • stress
  • inadequate nutrition
  • the side effects of certain drugs and
  • rough or misaligned teeth
  • aging

Symptoms of gingivitis include:

  • gum swelling and redness
  • easy bleeding, particularly when the teeth are brushed

First and most significant is excellent oral hygiene and regular dental checks. Also not smoking, eating a healthy diet and keeping stress under control help to reduce the risk of gingivitis occurring.

Treatment of gingivitis aims to reduce gum inflammation. This involves mainly professional teeth cleaning by a dentist together with medication mainly antibiotic for the non air germ. Education about daily dental hygiene methods including brushing, flossing and use of antibacterial mouthwash is significant. Finally the repair of any dental problems if these is contributing to the problem.

Timely follow up to evaluate healing and determine a recall period that suits your particular situation.

Gingivitis due to an Impacted Tooth
Gingivitis can develop in the gums surrounding the crown of an impacted tooth (a tooth that has not fully emerged). In this condition, called pericoronitis, the gum swells over the tooth that has not fully emerged. The flap of gum over the partially emerged tooth can trap fluids, bits of food, and bacteria. Pericoronitis most commonly occurs with wisdom teeth, particularly the lower wisdom teeth. If the upper wisdom tooth emerges before the lower one, it may bite on this flap, increasing the irritation. Infections can develop and spread to the throat or cheek.

Healthy Teeth                                                               Gingivitis


Gingivitis is reversible!

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