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Periodontology is the dental specialty dedicated to the tissues around the teeth (bone and gums) as well as their conditions. The aim of periodontology is the restoration and long-term maintenance of the periodontal health which is the foundation of the teeth.

Gingivitis is the microbial infection of the gums which causes inflammation of the gums. A common symptom is bleeding when brushing the teeth, redness and swelling of the gums. Gingivitis is a reversible disease by thorough and regular oral hygiene. However, untreated gingivitis can progress further and compromise the bone support of the teeth as well.

Periodontitis is a chronic microbial infection of the periodontal tissues (bone and gums). As it is usually painless it can easily remain undetected forming “pockets” between the gums and the roots of the teeth unless diagnosed early by a dentist.

Some of the warning symptoms are gum bleeding, gum recession, food trapping between the teeth, tooth mobility and bad breath. Untreated or poorly controlled periodontitis can unfortunately lead to tooth loss even if the teeth are otherwise healthy. Although periodontitis is not reversible, treatment aims in the prevention of further damage so that the affected teeth can be saved. Therefore, the earliest the disease is controlled the better the prognosis.

Major risk factors that can contribute to periodontal disease are smoking, diabetes, stress, hormonal changes, obesity as well as family history of periodontal conditions.

In addition, periodontitis has been linked to the increased risk for cardiovascular diseases (stroke), pre-term or low weight birth babies as well as other health problems.

Similarly dental implants can also get infected by harmful bacteria which can compromise their supporting tissues and eventually cause implant failure or even loss of implants.

Patients with untreated or poorly controlled periodontal disease have a much higher risk of suffering from peri-implantitis.

The periodontist can arrest the disease progression by reinforcing the patient’s oral hygiene as well as regular thorough scaling of the teeth.

Treatment aims in reducing the bacterial load and the inflammation in order to restore oral health. The treatment is carried out painlessly under local anaesthetic and by using the latest instruments, equipment and materials available such as magnifying loops, specialised hand scalers and ultrasonic tips. In severe or aggressive cases antimicrobial therapy is also recommended.

Other gum problems can be more cosmetic such as gum recession or hyperplasia, “gummy smiles” and tooth drifting. In other cases, the general dentist might require the help of the periodontist in order to restore more predictably the teeth.

There are also various surgical techniques such as bone regeneration and gum augmentation available, to improve further the periodontal support, anatomy and appearance of the tissues and hence the prognosis of the teeth.

Most importantly, long-term regular maintenance by the patient and the periodontist is essential for the successful control of the disease progression and future stability.

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