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The first visit

Braces are never bonded during the first visit. Our main goal is to understand the reasons that made you ask for an orthodontic consultation. Examination of the mouth and the face is followed.

If the patient needs and is ready for an orthodontic treatment, diagnostic records are taken so the case can be evaluated and diagnosed more precisely. An individual treatment plan is decided.

The necessary diagnostic records include: mouth impressions, intraoral/ extraoral photos and x-rays. (In the case that the patient has his/her own x-ray should bring this to the first appointment).

Are extractions necessary during orthodontic treatment?

During the orthodontic treatment it is possible that extractions of primary teeth will be decided, especially when these teeth are over-retained in the mouth. The decision for any extraction of permanent teeth is taken by the orthodontist when there is a disharmony between the size of the teeth and the size of the jaws or when it is necessary due to the skeletal growth of the face.

The timing for the extraction and the number of teeth to be extracted are decided by the orthodontist who is responsible for his decision.


After finishing an orthodontic treatment, it is necessary to maintain the result with fixed or removable mechanisms. Patient's cooperation is very important in order to avoid any relapse.

Mini Screws

For many orthodontic movements anchorage (support) it is needed in order to push the teeth. This kind of anchorage comes from the rest of teeth in the same jaw, from the teeth of the opposite jaw or from other extraoral devices. Mini screws are the latest innovation in the field of Orthodontics and allow temporary anchorage.

Mini screws are pins which can be placed in the jaw under topical anesthesia. The position of the pin allows the movement of the teeth and afterwards the pin is removed without even the need for topical anesthesia. They have a few millimeters length and they can be placed between teeth, on the buccal side (chic) of the mouth and on the palatal side.

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