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The most common kinds of cysts that form in the oral cavity are periapical (the end of a tooth root) cysts, which are caused by infections spreading to the pulp of a tooth.

Although they are not in themselves harmful, most dentists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons suggest their removal, since as they expand they can weaken or damage surrounding tissue and bone or affect the position of surrounding teeth.

Cyst (are membrane sacs containing liquid, soft matter and gas) removal can usually be done under local anesthesia. Usually, a cyst and the very end of the root (apex-ectomy) can be removed with a simple surgical procedure. If the cyst is very large, more extensive surgery may be required to reconstruct the bone after the cyst has been removed. Follow-up will with your dentist or oral surgeon will probably be necessary for some time afterwards to make sure that the cyst does not grow back.

A cyst needs to be treated as early as possible.

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