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Impacted Wisdom Teeth

"Wisdom tooth"
is a nickname for Third Molar.  These are the teeth that come into the mouth last, at age 16-21 (average 18).  They are among the strangest teeth since they seem to have all kinds of odd shapes and erupt in the most unusual positions.  Sometimes wisdom teeth are malformed and sometimes they are missing. Often, there is just not room in the back of the jaw for these latecomers and that is why so many teens and young adults have problems with them that need to be addressed. Less frequently, all four wisdom teeth erupt normally, fit into the mouth and become a nice addition to the dentition.

Most people get four wisdom teeth, one in the back of each of the four quadrants of the mouth. But it is not uncommon for a wisdom tooth to be missing and for some people get none.

An "impacted" tooth is one that is stuck in the bone and cannot fit or come into the mouth properly.  Impacted third molars are a frequent occurrence in teens and young adults. Sometimes they start to come into the mouth but the mouth is not big enough to hold another tooth. They do not completely erupt, remain partially under the gum, and are easy targets for infection.  It is not unusual for teens and young adults to appear in the dental office swollen, unable to open, febrile and in pain when this happens.

If the tooth is hopelessly submerged and there is no room for it to erupt normally, the tooth should be extracted. Extraction of impacted wisdom teeth is typically preformed by oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

Types of impacted wisdoms

An impacted tooth can be painless. You may not even realize it's there. However, when an impacted wisdom tooth tries to come in, the flap of gum on top of it can swell. This can hurt. You might feel pain in nearby teeth or in the ear on that side of your face. Plus, food particles can get stuck near the gum flap. This can lead to an infection called pericoronitis. If untreated, this infection can spread to the throat or into the neck.
Impacted teeth can get cavities. An impacted tooth can push on the neighboring molar. This can lead to tooth movement, decay or gum disease. It also can change the way your teeth come together. Rarely, impacted teeth can cause cysts or other growths in the jaw.

Many people have all four of their wisdom teeth taken out at once. Sometimes this surgery is done before the teeth have started coming in. This prevents future problems. This usually is done by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Often, it is better to have your wisdom teeth taken out before you turn 21. The surgery usually is less complicated. The tissue and bone also heal better.

After the surgery you may have swelling of the cheeks and jaw. It may be hard to eat certain foods. You may have also some pain easily controlled by painkillers. Follow your  surgeon's instructions carefully for the best recovery. Complications of surgery are rare, but do occur.

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